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J.G. Francis Society

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Toward the end of the 19th Century, J. G. Francis was a young Brethren minister with a vigorous interest in establishing a Brethren College east of the Susquehanna. He rode his bike throughout the area taking photographs of suitable locations. There were numerous meetings with Brethren leaders, filled with much consideration and debate. The group finally chose Elizabethtown.

On July 10, 1900, construction began on the College's first building, simply named Alpha Hall. The likeness of J. G. Francis, his bike and his camera sit prominently outside, indicative of his role in the College's history. He had a vision and a purpose for the future.

Those who include the College in their estate plan have that same vision and purpose. Elizabethtown College honors those individuals as members of the J. G. Francis Society.

Legacy Gifts

Look around the campus today, and you'll find the legacy of J. G. Francis Society members:

  • Students receiving scholarships and awards that allow them to afford college and reward their scholarly efforts;
  • Professors who have additional funds for teaching and research;
  • Lecture funds that bring top speakers to campus;
  • Book funds that enhance the collections of the High Library and the Young Center;
  • Artwork that beautifies the campus.

J. G. Francis envisioned a college that would compare favorably with any in the country. Through their careful planning, vision, and generosity, J. G. Francis Society members keep that promise for generations to come.

Ways to Give

The gift that is best for you will depend upon your charitable and financial goals. Most members of the J. G. Francis Society have wills or living trusts that name the College as a beneficiary. Revocable commitments, like these, allow for flexibility. The language to use is simple and can be obtained by calling the contact number below or visiting the Elizabethtown College web site at

There are other forms of deferred giving such as gifts that offer a life income to beneficiaries with the remainder benefiting the College; these include charitable trusts and charitable gift annuities. There are also gifts that name the College as a beneficiary of a life insurance policy or retirement annuity, and gifts that offer a retained life estate in an individual's residence with the property then passing to the College.

All gifts are important; all gifts are appreciated. When you include the College in your estate plan, you elevate Elizabethtown College to the status of family — we will honor and steward your legacy.

All deferred gifts require careful consideration and consultation with a qualified advisor.

For More Information, please call or contact:
Elizabeth Dahmus
Executive Director, Gift Planning
717-361-1545 (direct line)
800-877-9658 (toll free)

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Disclaimer: All gifts are subject to the College Gift Acceptance Policies and Procedures, which may change over time.

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